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FlutterBox Surprise: Handcrafted Explosion Gift Box with Magic Flying Butterflies

FlutterBox Surprise: Handcrafted Explosion Gift Box with Magic Flying Butterflies

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Discover the enchanting FlutterBox Surprise, a meticulously handcrafted explosion gift box that transforms any gifting moment into an unforgettable spectacle. Designed to dazzle and delight, this box harbors a magical secret - a fleet of flying butterflies ready to burst forth, turning moments into cherished memories.

🎁 Gift of Wonder: The FlutterBox Surprise isn't just a gift box; it's an experience. Filled with your chosen presents and treats, it awaits the unsuspecting recipient. Upon opening, a cascade of delicate butterflies takes flight, delivering awe and delight, making your gift truly unforgettable.

🦋 Celebrate with Magic: Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, or any special day deserving of grandeur. This unique box adds a touch of magic and joy, ensuring your celebration is marked by smiles and surprise.

🎭 A Spectacle for All Occasions: Not limited to personal gifting, the FlutterBox Surprise also finds its place in stage performances and entertainment acts.

Its visual charm enhances the allure of any show, making it a versatile choice for creating memorable moments.

Craftsmanship Details:
Premium paper adorned with elegant ribbon, ensuring durability and beauty.

Dimensions:Compact at 19x19x18cm when closed, and impressively expansive to 54x54x0.5cm when unveiled.

Butterfly Magic:Includes 8 whimsical butterflies made of plastic and paper, in a random assortment of colors, measuring 11<em>12</em>0.5cm each.

Packing List:

1 Handcrafted FlutterBox Surprise
Double-sided tape for easy assembly
1 Ribbon for that perfect finishing touch
8 Magic Flying Butterflies to fill the air with joy

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